Consider this our gift for the holidays!

For new and existing customers, you can register new DIDs for the low cost of just 25¢ each. 

Our new Tier 25 will allow you to order new DIDs for 25¢ each and we'll also be waiving any activation fees! As an extra bonus for you, we'll also be waiving the porting and activation fees associated with porting DIDs from other carriers to VoIP Innovations. 

Just remember, we have a Standard and Project Porting Specialist on hand who can help with ports that are big or small!

Click to get your 25¢ DIDs! 


If clicking the button above doesn't take you right to the new Tier, then please follow these steps to start the promotion:

1. Login to your BackOffice account.

2. Click Order $0.25 DIDs under the DID tab.



3. Make sure Tier 25 is selected before searching for the DIDs you want.



It's as simple as that! We hope you enjoy our 25¢ DID promotion!