Consider this our gift for the Holidays!

For new and existing customers, you can order new DIDs for the low cost of just 25¢ each. If you are a brand new (or even exisiting) customer, we are also waiving the porting and activation fees associated with porting numbers into VoIP Innovations from other carriers!

To receive this deal, first you need to sign up for a BackOffice account.

If you don't already have an account with us and aren't ready to sign-up for one, give our Free Trial a try and take a look at our features.

Start Your Free Trial  

With a BackOffice account, you will have access to over 500,000 DIDs in our Number Warehouse and the option to configure your DIDs to include features such as:

- E911 - Call Forwarding
- CNAM - Conference Lines
- 411 - SMS
- Email to Fax/Fax to Email - T.38/Fax
- Call Failover  

How to Order 25¢ DIDs:

Once you have a BackOffice account, follow these steps to start the promotion:

1. Login to your BackOffice account.

2.Click Order $0.25 DIDs under the DID tab.



3. Select Tier 25 before searching for the DIDs you want.


It's as simple as that! We hope you enjoy our 25¢ DID promotion!