Effective March 1, 2017, we have reduced our Toll-Free DID monthly fee to 25¢ for all Wholesale customers.20170227_25cent Toll Free Piggy Bank.png If you currently have Toll-Free DIDs with VoIP Innovations, you’ll see immediate savings moving forward. Thank you for being a VoIP Innovations customer! If you don’t have your DIDs on the VoIP Innovations network, porting and activation fees are gone! It’s now easier than ever to move your Toll-Free services and manage them through our BackOffice!

Information on VoIP Innovations' Toll-Free numbers:

  • Toll-Free services are provided on our fully redundant SIP Network and can be managed by our award-winning BackOffice
  • Toll-Free services utilize multiple Tier 1 providers which offers an additional layer of reliability and redundancy
  • Move your existing numbers to us to take advantage of this pricing change with no porting fees*
  • Toll-Free numbers are compatible with our Forwarding, Failover, Fax-to-Email, and Conferencing features





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