We have been working to enhance our SMS offering and are proud to announce that all VoIP Innovations' customers can now enable SMS on any Local or Toll-Free DID for only $1 per DID. Along with having SMS on any DID, customers can also enjoy our SMS Forwarding feature that allows them to use an email address, text enabled 20161018_SMS_Graphic_Circle-2.pngphone, or mobile device to send and receive text messages. 

SMS is easy to enable in the BackOffice: All you have to do is open the DID editor for the DID(s) for which you want to enable SMS, check a box, and enter an email address for SMS Forwarding (if you plan on taking advantage of that awesome service as well). Please don't hesitate to contact support if you need further assistance with this!


Within the acceptable use policy, as noted in our Terms of Service, text messages are unlimited. International DIDs are excluded from using our SMS offering.

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