Between home, work, and your cell, you have a lot of numbers. Wouldn't it be convenient if you could have all of your incoming text messages going to one place? 

SMS Forwarding enables texts from any telephone number to be forwarded directly to an email address. Enjoy privacy by forwarding text messages to your personal number or email through VoIP DIDs. 20161018_SMS_Graphic_Circle-1.png

Our wholesale SMS service allows end users to send unlimited In/Out bound messages at a flat rate in the continental US48 for $1 per DID. Our BackOffice allows you to configure SMS services in real-time to put you in control. In addition, you will have access to our easy-to-use API for direct access to our number warehouse. Keep your personal numbers private and keep the choice, automation, and control in your hands!

VoIP Innovations SMS Forwarding:

  • SMS DIDs will have unlimited texting
  • Forward text messages to any email or mobile number
  • Easy to enable using the BackOffice or API
  • Compatible with home, work, and cell numbers
  • Available in the Continental United States
  • Reply to messages from your email or SMS enabled handset

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**Please note that this applies to local DIDs only and messages are unlimited within the acceptable use policy as noted in our Terms of Service.